Monday, November 30, 2015
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EAF President MEP Obermayr : 'Radical Islamists infiltrate the EU Institutions'   Expert on Islam and terrorism Albayati: 'Naive actions of the EU institutions discredit liberal Muslim groups' Brussels, 24th June -   Supported by EFF the   EAF President MEP Mag Franz Obermayr researched  cases of the subtle goings  of the Islamist lobby groups in Brussels and presented these findings at a conference...
Reforming the EU: Can Europe win back the trust of its citizens? The EU has become "too big, too bossy, too interfering", says British Prime Minister David Cameron. French President François Hollande believes that "Europe has become too complex and has lost touch with the expectations of most Europeans". EU leaders have agreed to reassess the bloc’s agenda after last month’s elections gave a boost to anti-Europe...
Press Conference: Aftermath of the elections, a future for the EU or a future for Europe?  28 May 2014 - Aftermath of the elections, a future for the EU or a future for Europe ?A press conference by:- Marine LE PEN, Front National, France- Geert WILDERS, PVV, The Netherlands- Matteo SALVINI, Lega Nord, Italy- Gerolf ANNEMANS, Vlaams Belang, Belgium- Harald VILIMSKY, FPO, Austria 
Media attempts to discredit Front National on the eve of European Elections 21st May 2014, Paris - Just days before a major vote for the future of France in which, for the first time, the Front National is in a position to win, the media has coordinated a scandalous diversion to undermine the dynamics of our movement. Innocuous remarks by Jean-Marie Le Pen about  the Ebola virus have been deliberately distorted in an attempt...
YEAH - Young European Alliance for Hope: new patriotic youth force for the future Vienna, 04th April 2014 -  In a joint press conference moderated by Harald Vilimsky – the FPO candidate in the European Elections – representatives of four parties' youth organizations presented the common European youth platform YEAH  (YOUNG EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR HOPE) .The alliance gathers the youth sections of the Austrian Freedom Party...
Press Conference: 12 March 2014 - Strasbourg  Strasbourg, 12th March 2014 – The European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) held its first press conference for 2014, where the President Franz Obermayr MEP, Vice-Presidents Marine Le Pen MEP and Philip Claeys MEP, together with the Secretary General Sharon Ellul-Bonici announced the party decision not to put forward an EAF candidate for the run to...
Ukip Risks 'Morphing' Into Tories Under Nigel Farage, Warns Godfrey Bloom - 21/11/2013 - Ukip is losing its "radical" edge under Nigel Farage's leadership and risks "morphing" into the same as the big three parties, former Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom has warned. "There is now a huge force in the party to be a Conservative Party which isn't in the European Union. If we suddenly start morphing...
Official Launching of the EAF Manifesto  Strasbourg, 11th December 2013 – The European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) held its last press conference for 2013, where the President Franz Obermayr MEP, Vice-President Marine Le Pen MEP, together with the Secretary General Sharon Ellul-Bonici officially launched the Election Manifesto, adopted during the EAF annual Congress held in Paris last...
EAF President MEP Franz Obermayr: 'Fighting youth unemployment must be one of our priorities' Brussels, 29th November 2013 -  EAF President MEP Franz Obermayr was the host of the Junior Chamber International Leadership Summit that took place in the European Parliament.The Junior Chamber International  (JCI) is a membership –based non-profit organization of 200,000 young people, aged 18 to 40 years, and spread among 5,000 communities...
Press Conference: Legitimate Rise Of Patriotic Parties In Europe Strasbourg, 23rd October 2013 -  The European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) held a press conference during the October plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (21-24 Oct). EAF President, MEP Franz Obermayr opened the conference with a warm welcome to the media members and other interested parties, pointing out at the big media interest...
EAF members meet leader of Sweden Democrats in Stockholm  European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) held its board meeting (18.10.2013) in Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting took place in the Swedish Parliament and was hosted by Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) MPs and Swedish EAF Member Kent Ekeroth MP.  EAF board members, led by the President, Franz Obermayr MEP (Austria), and Vice –Presidents,...
Ashton calls for military-grade drones in EU airspace - BRUSSELS - A security strategy paper by EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton says EU countries should use military-grade drones for border surveillance.The EU chief is set to debate security ideas with MEPs in the plenary chamber in Strasbourg on Wednesday (23 October).Her plan, which outlines priorities in the lead up to an EU...

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30 November 2015

Migrants Start Hunger Strike at French Border

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Libya Migrant Crossings to EU on the Rise
Three EU Countries 'to Send 7500 Refugees Back to Bulgaria' - See more at:
Three EU Countries 'to Send 7500 Refugees Back to Bulgaria' - See more at:
Thousands rally at anti-Islam protest in Germany

Read More at © InSerbia News
French suspect for leaking Luxembourg documents charged - See more at:

- See more at:

Wall Steet Journal says Turkey no longer US ally, air base should be moved - See more at:
Italian strike disrupts European air travel, dozens of flights groundedКопирано от
Brussels pleads with Germany to let wages
Brussels pleads with Germany to let wages
Crime (Israel) and punishment (Russia)

Greece will likely need another bailout from EU

Chaos for air travellers as 'master bomber' fear grows - See more at:
When it comes to austerity, Germans want it both ways - See more at:
Turkey’s Military Occupation in Cyprus
Putin: You better not come after a nuclear-armed RussiaКопирано от
170 migrants feared lost at sea off Libya: coastguard - See more at:
lovakia may veto new sanctions against RussiaКопирано от
Dutch 'jihadist' couple arrested in Belgium for planning EU attack - See more at:
Candidate for EU commissioner wades into trade minefield - See more at:
If I fail, we will quit EU, says defiant Cameron
Deflated Bulgarian strongman vows to form governmentКопирано от
If I fail, we will quit EU, says defiant Cameron
EU parliament approves Juncker commission, there will be no enlargement during its termКопирано от

- See more at:

Russia may claim damages if France doesn't deliver Mistral warship - See more at:

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Georg MAYER - State of EU-Russia relations - 09-06-2015 (English)
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Franz OBERMAYR - 2014 Progress Report on Turkey - 20-05-2015 (English)
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Michal MARUSIK - European Investment Bank annual report 2013 - 30-04-2015 (English)

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 The Beast of Europe

 Germany from the inside - Democracy in the crosshairs. (Documentary - German)

 FPÖ-TV-Magazin 15.05.2014 - Wofür die rot-schwarzen Eurokraten stehen

 FPÖ - Team Rot-Weiß-Rot für die EU-Wahl: Franz Obermayr

 Conférence de lancement de la campagne européenne (FN)

 Conférence de Presse Internationale de Marine Le Pen en présence d’Aymeric Chauprade, géopoliticien

 Fighting youth unemployment must be one of our priorities

 EAF Press Conference: Legitimate Rise Of Patriotic Parties In Europe  (English Language) - Strasbourg, 23rd October 2013
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 Speech by Ludovic De Danne at the congress of the  Lega Nord - 15/12/2013 

Speeches from the
European Parliament:

Philip CLAEYS - Mid-term review of the Stockholm Programme (debate) -  02-04-2014 (English)
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Andreas MÖLZER -  Invasion of Ukraine by Russia - 12-03-2014 (English)
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Godfrey BLOOM - Action programme for taxation - 21-11-2013

Frank VANHECKE - Dialogue for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey (debate) - 6-02-2013 (English)
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Kent Ekeroth on Multiculturalism

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EAF President MEP Obermayr : 'Radical Islamists infiltrate the EU Institutions'

  Expert on Islam and terrorism Albayati: 'Naive actions of the EU institutions discredit liberal Muslim groups' Brussels, 24th June -   Supported by EFF the   EAF President MEP Mag Franz Obermayr researched  cases of the subtle goings  of the Islamist lobby groups in Brussels and presented these findings at a conference organised in the European Parliament in Brussels: "It was shocking to discover how recklessly the EU deals with and encourages organisations and platforms  associated with extreme Islamists, and in this way also undermines all the efforts...

FPÖ für gemeinsame EU-Asylbehörde

18/06/15 - - "Keine weitere Ausdehnung der Kompetenzen" fordert die FPÖ auf europäischer Ebene. Es gibt aber Ausnahmen, sagt FPÖ EU-Parlamentarier Georg Mayer. Zum Beispiel bei Umweltfragen oder bei Asylthemen. Hier sei sogar eine gemeinsame Behörde vorstellbar.Brüssel. Die EU ist tief gespalten, wenn es um Flüchtlinge geht und um die Frage, welche Mitgliedsstaaten wie viel Asylsuchende aufnehmen wollen. So ist diese Woche auch der EU-Innenministergipfel an einer festen Verteilungsquote gescheitert. Dabei sind sich zumindest die meisten österreichischen Parteien einig:...
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Bürger in Wut secure a seat in the Bremen State elections

Die FDP ist wieder in der Bürgerschaft, die Sozialdemokraten stürzen in Bremen auf das schlechteste Wahlergebnis seit Gründung der Bundesrepublik. Prompt kündigt SPD-Amtsinhaber Jens Böhrnsen trotz rechnerischer Mehrheit an, nicht mehr als Bürgermeister zur Verfügung zu stehen. Ein Schock für seine Partei.Full Article
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Die Flüchtlings -katastrophe auf dem Mittelmeer löst in Europa tiefe Erschütterung aus

Als Gastgeber von "Inside Brüssel" diskutiert Peter Fritz, Leiter des ORF-Büros Brüssel, mit - Ska Keller, Europaabgeordnete der deutschen Grünen- Georg Mayer, Europaabgeordneter der EAF- Stefan Lehne, Think Tank Carnegie Europe- Gabriele Steinhauser, Korrespondentin des "Wall Street Journal" Außerdem Thema: das Misstrauen gegenüber dem geplanten Freihandelsabkommen TTIP zwischen der EU und den USA sowie der sich anbahnende amerikanische Präsidentschaftswahlkampf.Video
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Huge surge in migrants entered EU in 2014: Frontex

Warsaw (AFP) - Nearly triple the number of migrants entered the European Union in 2014 compared to the previous year, mainly due to refugees fleeing war in Syria, the bloc's border agency said Wednesday. "Around 280,000 migrants entered the EU in 2014 compared to just over 100,000 in the previous year. It's a huge increase," Frontex spokeswoman Ewa Moncure told AFP. "Last year Syrian nationals were the most numerous at the borders, and we know what they are fleeing," Moncure said, referring to the four-year civil war that has ravaged the country. Hundreds of people have died in recent...
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European MP accuses APC of funding Boko Haram, calls for probe - 13 February 2015 - A senior member of the European Parliament, Franz Obermayr MEP, has accused the Opposition All Progressive’s Congress (APC) of channeling European Parliament financial aid to Boko Haram in the North East of Nigeria and called on the European Commission to investigate alleged concerns over the party’s financial and political allegiance with the terror group. The Nigerian Times learnt exclusively that Franz Obermayr, of Austrian Freedom Party, currently the most popular political party in Austria, made the statements in a press release issued on 16...
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FPÖ-Obermayr: Vorschlag zu Freihandelsabkommen mit Russland- Warum erst jetzt Frau Merkel?

Forderung geht in die richtige Richtung- Merkel bestätigt mit ihrem Vorschlag freiheitliche Linie23/01/2015 - - Wien (OTS) - "Dieses Angebot hätten wir schon sehr viel früher haben können," kommentierte der freiheitliche Abgeordnete zum Europäischen Parlament, Mag. Franz Obermayr den von Frau Merkel in Davos gemachten Vorschlag zu einem Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Russland. Tatsächlich stammt die Idee nämlich bereits aus dem Jahre 2010-aufgebracht damals von Präsident Putin, der eine "harmonische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft von Wladiwostok bis Lissabon" vorschlug.Koppelung...
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FPÖ-Mayer: Zahlungen der Heranführungs- hilfe an die Türkei einstellen und Beitrittsver- handlungen abbrechen!

22/01/2015 - fpoe-graz.a - Die Türkei unter Premierminister Erdogan verstärke zunehmend ihren antidemokratischen CharakterWien (OTS) - "Heute am Nachmittag wird sich das EU-Parlament gegen die jüngste Festnahmewelle von Journalisten und Medienvertretern in der Türkei aussprechen. Dieser Tagesordnungspunkt zeigt wieder einmal die Absurdität von Heranführungszahlungen an die Türkei. Letztes Jahr flossen 902,9 Millionen Euro in die Türkei. Diese Mittel hätten für Projekte zur Förderung der Rechtsstaatlichkeit, der Geschlechtergleichstellung und der Durchsetzung der Menschenrechte in der...
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5 Fringe Politicians That Could Throw Europe Into Chaos In 2015

16 December 2014 - - Europe is in a bad place right now.Deflation is looming and growth is nowhere to be seen. There's conflict in Ukraine, unemployment is still eye-wateringly high, and it doesn't seem like much of that is going to change any time soon.So insurgent opposition parties are popping up all over the continent, promising an end to crisis or a return to how things used to be.Here's what Citi's researchers had to say about Europe's political developments in their outlook for 2015:Future developed country elections will likely continue to see the popularity of new...
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TTIP/TAFTA – A major disaster threatening EU economy and democracy

05 December 2014 - - "Corporations are attempting to achieve by stealth – through secretly negotiated trade agreements – what they could not attain in an open political process." - Joseph E. Stiglitz – Nobel Prize in economic Sciences 2001, World Bank chief economist 1997-2000TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (also referred to in the US as TAFTA - Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement) is officially under negotiation since July 2013.  These negotiations aim at removing trade barriers (tariffs, restrictions on investment etc.) so as to make it...
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EU: only 17 percent of Norwegians want in

Nearly three-quarters of people in Norway do not want to join the European Union, a poll has shown. 1 December 2014 - Twenty years after the last ballot on membership of the EU, the majority who would vote “no” is bigger than ever. A convincing 74 percent say “no”, says the latest research. The poll conducted by Sentio for the newspapers Nationen and Klassekampen found only 16.8 percent of those polled were for membership, while 9.2 percent answered “don't know” to the question of whether Norway should become a member of the 28-member bloc. During the last referendum...
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FPÖ-Obermayr: CETA als demokratiepolitische Nagelprobe für EU

Deutsche Änderungswünsche zum Investorenschutz sind - 16.10.2014 - "Einmal mehr lässt die herablassende Selbstherrlichkeit staunen, mit der Brüssel, diesmal in Person des scheidenden Handelskommissars De Gucht, berechtigte Anliegen eines Mitgliedsstaates abkanzelt", befindet der freiheitliche EU-Mandatar Mag. Franz Obermayr. "Es ist ungeheuerlich, einerseits die Schuld für die Intransparenz der Verhandlungen zum Freihandelsabkommen mit Kanada ausschließlich den Mitgliedsstaaten in die Schuhe zu schieben und andererseits auf Punkt und Beistrich auf dem geheim Ausverhandelten...
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‘The only responsible decision’: Le Pen calls to dissolve France’s lower house

8 September 2014 - France is in a “catastrophic situation” and the newly reshuffled cabinet is a “circus,” National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Sunday, urging President Hollande to dissolve the National Assembly.peaking to French media, the head of France’s right-wing National Front likened the recent reshuffle of Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ cabinet to an “illusionist performance,” calling it a “circus.”Le Pen suggested that French President Francois Hollande should dissolve the National Assembly, France’s lower house of parliament. She added that it was “more...
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France’s Marine Le Pen Accuses EU of Crisis in Ukraine

MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) – The Ukrainian crisis is all the fault of the European Union, the leader of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen told Le Monde newspaper.Le Pen told the paper, that EU leaders’ negotiation of a trade deal with Ukraine forced the country to choose between Europe and Russia.National Front’s leader also said she has admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, as he suggests a patriotic economic model, unlike what the United States imposes on Europe.The Ukraine–EU Association Agreement is the treaty between the two countries, that presupposes...
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'Marine Le Pen is the 21st century Joan of Arc'

21 August 2014 -  In a new interview one-time French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot has likened the head of France’s anti-immigration National Front party to the iconic French historical figure of Joan of Arc.Bardot’s support of National Front head Marine Le Pen hasn’t wavered a bit since backing her in the 2012 presidential election, if anything it’s grown stronger.In an interview with Paris Match that hit the web this week, the 1960s fashion and cinema icon who's since become an animal rights activist said: “I hope she saves France, she is the Joan of Arc of the 21st century.”Yes,...
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