Monday, September 25, 2017
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Media attempts to discredit Front National on the eve of European Elections

21st May 2014, Paris - Just days before a major vote for the future of France in which, for the first time, the Front National is in a position to win, the media has coordinated a scandalous diversion to undermine the dynamics of our movement. Innocuous remarks by Jean-Marie Le Pen about  the Ebola virus have been deliberately distorted in an attempt by globalist media elements, acting in concert, to impede the rise of the front national .
Jean-Marie Le pen has legitimately and sympathetically emphasized the threat posed by major epidemics to worldwide demographics and he cited the example that has tragically befallen west Africa with the grievous Ebola virus. these journalistic manoeuvres, in deliberate violation of the truth, civilised ethics and neutrality of information, have been designed to sabotage the movement of Marine Le Pen during the forthcoming election.
The French electorate will not be deceived by this last minute manipulation by the media, which has served again to depict the coalition of evil now marshalled against the interests of France.
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