Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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EAF President MEP Obermayr : 'Radical Islamists infiltrate the EU Institutions'

Expert on Islam and terrorism Albayati: 'Naive actions of the EU institutions discredit liberal Muslim groups'
Brussels, 24th June -   Supported by EFF the   EAF President MEP Mag Franz Obermayr researched  cases of the subtle goings  of the Islamist lobby groups in Brussels and presented these findings at a conference organised in the European Parliament in Brussels: "It was shocking to discover how recklessly the EU deals with and encourages organisations and platforms  associated with extreme Islamists, and in this way also undermines all the efforts towards positive integration that are coming from liberal Muslim organisations, ‘’ said Obermayr.
FEMYSO -  the link between the Muslim youth and the Muslim Brotherhood
The most alarming result of Obermayr’s research was the one regarding an active lobby youth organisation - the FEMYSO, which was found to be in close relations to the Muslim Brotherhood. To this organisation linked to extremists the  European Commission has so far granted 85,000 euros from the EU budget for projects such as Islamophobia guide and other.
A Sharia-based approach to a de- radicalisation project
The  European  Commission  has  been  very  generous  towards  another  organisation  MAI ( Muslim Initiative of Ireland ) to which it granted an incredible 450,000 of tax payers money for the ‘’ De-radicalisation project’’ towards a ”Sharia -Based Communicative Approach”.
Although Obermayr during last year repeatedly pointed at the misuse of administration but the Commission was  not able to provide an answer on how this Sharia based approach should exactly look like.  Obermayr's demands in this context are clear: there should be a consistent institutional and background study of all the organisation that are acting as Islamist pressure groups towards the EU, creation of a mandatory registration for all religious lobby groups, creation of a blacklist of extremist groups and those associated with them and a far better framework for monitoring of the cash flow.
The renowned independent expert on Islamism and terrorism Amer Albayati added: "The Muslim Brotherhood with its followers has been building since the sixties major networks, and helped by links to political parties it has been slowly accepted. ‘’
Obermayr calls on in particular the European Commission with clear demands:   “ We must aim to control who we let in and let out from the European Parliament. At the same time all Islamist organisations should be systematically excluded from any form of EU financial support ," Obermayr concluded.

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