Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Wake Up Europe - Freedom March 2016

Warsaw, October 8th 2016 - Activists and supporters of the Polish political party KORWIN ( Freedom Party ) successfully organised the fifth Freedom March. The March is organised annually around the date of 8th October to celebrate the recovery of Polish sovereignty in 1918 after years of partitions .  The motto of this years March was "Wake up Europe!” Organisers wanted to express their opposition to political correctness pushed by the European Union. 
"This is the last moment to stop the Islamic invasion and save Europe from being led to catastrophe by EU socialists" - warned the party leader, the non- attached Member of the European Parliament Janusz Korwin-Mikke.  "Let us be reminded of  European values that can serve as a wake up call not only to Poland but to all of Europe: liberty, property and justice! Throughout the EU we see new political movements forming that will surely change the face of our continent. A great challenge is ahead of us — we must wake up our countrymen and all Europeans, to save Europe from falling." - said Przemysław Wippler, Vice President of KORWIN party. Organisers of the March are hoping that the March will be an impulse to wake up Europe, and that this flow of a new awareness starts from Poland. 
Member of European Parliament from the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group Robert Iwaszkiewicz also addressed the participants of the March : “ Our nation is not free. Once the law came as a result of morality nowadays the law is a result of manipulations and interest of the powerful few. “
Participants of this years March also took the opportunity to remember all the Poles 
who died in terrorist attacks in Munich, Brussels, Nice and other cities across Europe. 
Activists brought alarm clocks to the March, as a symbol of the wake up call for Europeans all across the continent, which KORWIN party officials hope to achieve.The clocks rang out at 11:55 to represent Korwin-Mikke’s claim that it’s the 11th hour  and the final hour for Europe to wake up and answer the difficult challenges ahead.

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