Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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European Alliance for Freedom hosts a hugely successful conference in the Polish parliament

Warsaw, 20th May 2017 -  European Alliance for Freedom was delighted to host a hugely successful conference in the Polish parliament in Warsaw which saw speakers from politics, think tanks and business come together to discuss the future of economic prosperity in the country as a possible example to be implemented on the European level. 
Featuring speakers including Anna Maria Siarkowska, an MP and Vice President of the Republicans Association, former UK MEP Godfrey Bloom and EAF member Janusz Korwin-Mikke MEP, the conference looked at the abolition of income tax as a way to stimulate economic growth in Poland. 
Ms Siarkowska warned delegates that the economy was growing at "a snail's pace" and said "as a politician, the wealth of states is a result of hard work and not 'solutions' proposed by the government." 
She said she "trusted entrepreneurs more than politicians" for coming up with solutions to help the country,"
"You cannot get rid of poverty by adopting a law," she warned, saying that an increase in the minimum wage "only increases the burden on the entrepreneur, it does not help workers."
Addressing the audience which included large numbers of young people looking for an alternative to the big state answers to Poland's problems, she said there was a need to "take away the fiscal and tax burdens from entrepreneurs". 
"We need to leave as much money as possible in their hands," she said. 
"Politicians are wasting hard earned money and the burden should be as little as possible.
"The budget should have as much money only to sustain the most essential services."
Her comments were backed by Andrzej Sadowski of the Adam Smith Centre in Poland, who accused the current system of "being worse than Communist times".
"There are no 'good' taxes, only less damaging taxes," he said, before calling income tax "stupid and immoral".
"We are here to comprehensively change the system. There are eight types of tax which need to be paid by each employee in Poland," he said.
And instead of suggesting there would be an uphill struggle to reform the tax system to make it more business and growth friendly, he said "A change in the tax system is possible at any moment in time."
"We saw the end of Communism," he reminded delegates, saying that there only needed to be the political will to bring about reform. 
"The Polish government is stealing from Polish families," he said, saying that people should be able to deduct the cost of living from their tax burden as companies are able to do with business taxes.
 "Do we want Poles to come back from abroad? If we do, we need to eliminate income tax."
The conference was attended by more than 250 representatives of business associations, as well as EFF and EAF Board members.
Follow our web page to read more on the key note speech delivered by EAF founding member Mr Godfrey Bloom.

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